Our leadoff hitter is none other than Cardinals™ player Ozzie “The Wizard” Smith. A 15-time All-Star, winner of a World Series™ and 13-time Gold Glove winner, Smith is one of the greatest to ever play the game. Smith’s athleticism (backflips before home openers!) and offensive prowess helped him notch 2,460 career hits and make him our natural choice for Legendary Lineup shortstop.

The one, the only, Number 42. When Jackie Robinson made his Major League debut in 1947, he changed the game of baseball forever, and this pioneering trailblazer is our next pick in the Legendary Lineup.

Besides his tireless dedication to civil rights, Jackie Robinson’s exceptional talent made him a true superstar. As an All-Star for six consecutive seasons and World Series™ winner for the Dodgers™, Robinson’s on-field exploits are the stuff of legend. #42, forever.

#3 in our Legendary Lineup is #7 on the all-time home run list, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A thirteen-time All-Star, ten Gold Glove winner, Griffey is one of only three players to hit home runs in eight consecutive games. Rep an iconic Mariners™ player and one of the greatest hitters of all time with new looks for #24. Pay homage.

The Great Bambino. The Sultan of Swat. The Colossus of Clout. A player so great, they named him about a hundred different ways. There is simply no baseball player like Babe Ruth, which is why he’s next up in our Legendary Lineup roster. Pay homage.

Next in the Legendary Lineup roster: one of the greatest athletes of all time, Bo Jackson. As the only player to ever be named an All-Star in football and baseball, Bo’s incredible career in two professional sports leagues is worth crackin’ a bat over. Bo knows!

#6 is here, and in addition to being one of the best power hitters in history, he’s one of the nicest guys to ever play the game of baseball. Jim Thome still holds the record for career walk-off home runs (13) and sits at #8 on the home run list. In his time with Cleveland, Thome hit a 511-foot home run at Jacobs Field, which remains the longest home run ever hit at a Cleveland ballpark. Pay homage.

He never hit below .309 his entire career, and he did it all in San Diego. The superstar right fielder was National League batting champion an unbelievable eight times, and though he was offered more money to play in other cities, Mr. Padre knew where his heart belonged. Give it up for #7 in the lineup, Tony Gwynn.

2,632. Not many players in baseball history are recognizable from just one number, but Cal Ripken Jr. is one. The legendary Oriole™ holds the record for most consecutive games played, and likely always will. As a nineteen-time All Star and two-time winner of the AL MVP award, Ripken spent all 21 seasons of his career in Baltimore, and he’s lining up as the #8 hitter in our legendary lineup. Pay homage.

Last, but certainly not least: Johnny Bench is the final pick of our Legendary Lineup. The leader of the Big Red Machine™ helped the Cincinnati Reds™ snag two back-to-back World Series® wins, and won himself MVP of the Series in 1976. Rep a Reds™ icon and #9 in our dream roster with brand new Johnny Bench looks. Pay homage.