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Yippee Ki-Yay
Look What You Did
Cheese Pizza Just For Me
Holiday Hoobie Whatty
Son Of A Nutcracker
Welcome To The Party, Pal
Credit Card? You Got It!
You'll Shoot Your Eye Out
Merry Christmas Kiss My Ass Hoodie
It's Turbo Time
Youth Not Now Arctic Puffin
Put That Cookie Down!
Son Of A Nutcracker Hoodie
Son Of A Nutcracker Baby One Piece
Bye Buddy Hope You Find Your Dad
Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal
Christmas Vacation
Merry Christmas Shitter's Full
Smiling's My Favorite
Merry Christmas Kiss My Ass
Youth Eating Junk And Watching Rubbish
Youth Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corns And Syrup