Where We Source Our Apparel

We’ve always been about superior quality here. That’s never going to change, it’s one thing that sets us apart. Plus, it’s just super important to us at team HOMAGE that we exceed your expectations.

As we continue to grow and look to offer new and quality products at the same scale, we've looked far and wide to find manufacturing partners that meet all our requirements, and we’re pretty picky. When looking for new partners, we demand top quality, fine attention to details, fashion-forward cuts and the softest fabric. And, the product has to be produced on time, consistently and under the most responsible working conditions. Among the places we've found (that fit all our needs) just happens to be in China: The Munli Garment Factory run by our new friend, Jimmy (who’s a closet Cincinnati Reds fan just fyi).

Not only did we find that our new partners were happy, healthy, safe and skilled in their professions, but also, that they are very respectful of and excited about our brand. We brought mutual admiration and innovation to each other’s businesses and we’ve made a solid partner in delivering quality product. Because at the end of the day, it had better be if it has an HOMAGE tag on it.