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Homage Account Migration FAQ

Why is HOMAGE asking me to migrate the account

Homage has moved to a faster, more secure and more stable platform. We’ll now be positioned to deliver a better experience to you and our customers, and we’ll only continue to make that better moving forward!

I didn’t even know I had an Homage account

Anyone who placed an order has an account. If you never completed setting your account up before, you just had a guest account. If you’d like to continue to have the same setup moving forward, feel free to ignore this email.

Why does migrating my account require anything from me

We store your passwords securely. So securely, in fact, that we don’t even know what they are. It would be a violation of PCI compliance and, more importantly, of your trust if we had access to your password and migrated it on your behalf

What happened to all my old orders

Don’t worry, we haven’t lost your data! It’s going to take some work on our end to set up an area where you can access all of this information, but we wanted to get everyone onto our new platform as soon as possible so that we could start delivering a better experience at Until we have that set up, you can always inquire about your order history or anything else you need by

What’s Next

This will be the beginning of a new concept. Sometime this year, we expect to have set up where you’ll have the opportunity to connect social media profiles to earn rewards and to participate in promotions, you’ll be able to unlock achievements, gain access to exclusive products and content, and so, so much more!