Do It for the Music: Support Columbus’ CD102.5

Posted on Tue, Jul 28, 2015 | HOMAGE Blog

For 25 years, Columbus’ beloved CD102.5 has been spinning the best in alternative rock while remaining independent, the latter a feat few radio stations can now claim. Hitting the waves on August 21, 1990 as CD101 at 101.1 on the dial, the station established a far-reaching reputation for breaking influential acts and supporting original, up-and-coming voices. Under the direction of the late DJ Andy “Andyman” Davis, the station began fostering a burgeoning alternative music scene in Columbus while prioritizing community throughout the metro area. By donating airtime to raise interest for nonprofits and with the environmental work of the Green Team and the charity CD102.5 For The Kids, the station has become an integral part in enriching Arch City.

CD102.5 has been able to chart its own path due to its unique independent status, dodging many of the pressures conglomerates face, such as kowtowing to charts. Now, however, all that may change. In 18 months the station's lease on the 102.5 frequency is up, and just five years prior, it lost its original frequency of 101.1 when the tower was sold. To ensure this doesn’t happen again and to secure long-term sustainability as an independent station, CD102.5 needs to purchase its broadcasting license. That’s where we come in. Let’s keep radio independent and help support a local institution by donating to its Indiegogo campaign. And when you give, you get. Not only do you protect a future full of great music, you receive this throwback-inspired tee. Do it for the jams! Do it for the community!

To donate to CD102.5’s Indiegogo campaign and score a limited-edition tee, click here.



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