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Club Trillion Club Trillion

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Club Trillion


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The Story

"Club Trillion is an exclusive club founded in 2007 by three very handsome and very financially well-off Ohio State basketball players--Kyle Madsen (#15), Danny Peters (#13), and myself.

We named ourselves "Club Trillion" because, as athletically limited white folk, we found ourselves riding the bench for the Buckeyes. When the time came for us to get in, there would usually only be 1 minute remaining in the game, and after sitting down for 39 minutes, we really had no interest in trying to be all that productive.

So we devised the plan of trying to get the "trillion", which occurs when we play 1 minute and do absolutely nothing that would appear in the box score, thus making our stat line say 1 minute played followed by a bunch of zeroes. 

I know what you are saying to yourself right now. You are saying, 'That is side-splittingly hilarious. These guys are probably just a comical party waiting to happen...

You are absolutely right."

- Mark Titus


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